Josh has been working on camera since he was able to speak. Though his flourishing voice over career has taken most of his time, he continues to DANCE... in front of the camera.



You can hear Josh on Saturday morning cartoons, during the commercials of your favorite TV show, narrating a TV promo, movie trailers, and narrating entire TV shows. Josh has the capability to run full voice over sessions from the comfort of his own state of the art studio allowing for easy access and fast turnaround.

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Josh's singing abilities have been praised by Hollywood music producers and record labels since he started singing as a child. With the more recent changes in the music industry thanks to iTunes and Youtube Josh will be putting out his own music in the near future. In the meantime check out his MySpace music page below.

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Josh has been producing music not only for himself but for others acts and artists such as Maddhouse and Take 5 (the reunion).

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His career has spanned the gamut of almost every form of entertainment media today. Video games, television cartoons, and animated movies; On camera work like movies, sitcoms, TV movies, prime-time dramas, soap operas, indie films, and even internet/viral comedy videos.

You can also catch him voicing commercials for many well known companies and products everyday on national television and radio and even announcing the next segment or TV show for television promos.

To start his music career as a child he was in the gospel group "All Gods Children" and later in the 1990s boy band "No Authority" signed to MJJ Records. After leaving the group to work more on his acting career he was signed with a solo deal to RCA records with an album written and produced by himself and some of the greatest names in music like Ne-yo, Diane Warren, Richard Marks and many more. That record that was eventually shelved with the restructuring of RCA in 2003. Since 2005 to the present day Josh has been producing music for several independent artists, boybands, and his own solo albums.

Keaton also worked as a child actor in several TV shows and films some include: Jules Brown in Back to the Future the Animated Series, Linus in Snoopy's Reunion, Curly in Peter Pan and the Pirates.

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Laff-A-Lympics - Spooky Games

Steve Looker

Scooby Doo! and gang are together again in Scooby-Doo! Spook A-lympics travel with them as they uncover mysteries through epic adventures around the world.

Transformers Prime

The Hub

Jack Darby

Roll out with Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Arcee, Ratchet, Bulkhead, and the rest of the heroic Autobots as they battle the evil Decepticons. Now that big bad Megatron has returned with a mysterious and dangerous element, Team Prime must prepare for an epic battle. But that's not so easy when they have to guard over Jack, Miko, and Raf -- three normal kids who've accidentally discovered the Autobots.

The White Room Challenge


Show Narrator

Up-and-coming and established designers from around the country compete to create the most original, eccentric and outrageous white rooms you've ever seen, made from strange or unusual items. The grand prize? $10,000 in cash!

Spider-Man Shattered Dimensions

Video Game

Peter Parker/Spider-Man and CEO

Josh Keaton voicing both Peter Parker / Spiderman and the Alchemax CEO.

Young Justice

Cartoon Network

Black Spider

Josh plays Black Spider in Young Justice.

Green Lantern

Cartoon Network

Hal Jordan

Earth's Green Lantern, Hal Jordan, sets out for Guardian Frontier, where he must face down an evil Red Lantern invasion. It's a good thing his old pal Kilowog has his back.

Design Star


Show Narrator

HGTV's top-rated reality competition, HGTV Design Star, returns for a dynamic seventh season. The one-hour series features 12 competitive and creative finalists executing ingenious designs, as well as an illustrious judging panel of acclaimed HGTV interior designers (Genevieve Gorder and Vern Yip) and special celebrity guests.




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